Lawn Care in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale and Key Largo


Ideal Pest Control will provide you with a Free Lawn Evaluation.

The Free Evaluation will help design a complete and customized home and shrub program to fulfill your lawn and shrub needs. This will include fertilization, insect control, weed control and fungus & disease control. Our goal is to provide you with an impeccable lawn and outdoor space.

Our Lawn Care Programs:

  1. Fertilizer Applications – will carefully choose products to enhance turf and protect the environment.
  2. Insect Suppression – is designed to help control turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, mole, crickets, armyworms, and sod webworms.
  3. Weed Suppression – will eliminate existing weeds and prevent new weeds from forming. Applications are typically made about every 4 – 8 weeks with additional applications when needed.
Weeds can affect your entire lawn in ways that no homeowner will appreciate. Handling weeds is important to do quickly to avoid seeing the rest of your lawn dry up and fall short in the nutrients that it needs to survive. The processes for weed control is to go into the premises analyze what the exact method of treatment needs to be put into use. Normally the process for weed control is having a specialist eliminate weeds that need to be removed and place a layer of fertilizer above the lawn to help promote to a healthy growth. Continuous care of the lawn such as mowing it at the proper length can help prevent further weeds from growing.
Fertilization is one of the best things to help your lawn in promoting healthy growth as well as preventing weeds. Fertilizers will make a very noticeable change in the appearance of your lawn. It also is well known to help reduce the chances of diseases and drought that can be commonly seen in lawns. The fertilizers added will help reduce the amount of bugs you see as on your lawn without hurting your pets or loved ones in any way or form. In fact your pets can play freely immediately after the fertilizer has been added.
Lawns are beautiful, but always vulnerable to pests. Not only can these unwanted visitors completely destroy the look of your garden, but they can also pose a health threat to your family or potential customers. Unfortunately, many people who want to save a buck or two resort to various methods for eliminating these threats, but often times those actions are usually counterproductive and result in more harm than good.

The solution in such cases is contacting us to employ the proper treatment. We provide several options to get rid of unwanted invasions such as safe chemicals, pesticides, and tried and true techniques that have worked for decades. Our professional help is a must and must, remember you do not need a professional merely to create a landscape but to also maintain it for years to come.

There are several different forms of disease and fungus that can affect your lawn. Fungus in particular is very well known to show as brown spots on your lawn but can show through in other colors that will not look good on your lawn. Troubled areas on your lawn can even be slimy besides just looking brown as most people have seen at some point. These situations need to be treated differently whether it’s extracting the particular spot that may spread or treat the entire area for already succumbing to the threat imposed on your lawn.